Specializing in marketing & human resource issues


√  A focus on client improvement opportunities

√  A forward-looking, measurable game plan that considers all aspects of the client  experience

√ Targeting: private & public sectors, from entrepreneurs to enterprises with global operations


How we work with you:

Performance Consultation: Diagnosis before prescription/auditing approach                  

  • Determine the ‘What is’ of client’s environment and the ‘What should be’   
  • Identify barriers and key success factors to achieve client-focused goals    
  • Metrics are built in for ongoing evaluation              

Training: Fixing things starts with people investment. A thorough training needs analysis includes: 

  • Determine gaps in levels of performance                                                    
  • Identify the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be continued or changed      
  • Develop a measurable training game plan to deal with gaps in required performance               

Document Development: The written word has a long memory                         

  • Evaluate existing documentation                                                                          
  • Provide objective feedback                                                                        
  • Develop docs to ensure clear message is focused on intended readership and in sync with market realities and delivery capabilities

Governments | Hi-Tech | Professional Associations | Small/Medium Enterprizes